Gratis bezorging van Spoelinstallaties in België en Nederland


Paint is used everywhere. For coating so that a surface is protected from the elements. Once the paint is applied, it is important for our customers to clean the tools that have been used in an environmentally friendly way. We support this with unique solutions that save money in the long run.

Trivec Eco Solutions is a label of Trivec Sumar. We sell rinse water installations for every environment. From the AS50 for when you need to stay mobile to the AC400 for when you need to remove paint from an application very intensively. In between, there are all kinds of other solutions so you can always order a rinse water installation tailored to your needs.

For Whom?

Our large capacity Eco Solutions are typically used in the wood, plastics and metal industries. The smaller capacity sinks are often used by painting companies and schools.

Trivec Eco Solutions looks forward to working together to achieve your goals.