Gratis bezorging van Spoelinstallaties in België en Nederland

Rinse paint water system AS80 A 80L

The advantages of the AS80 A rinse paint water installation:

-Paint roller cleaning in a fast way.
-No more paint in the sewer
-No fines for an environmental crime
-No high costs for disposal of separated chemical waste because the water is separated from the paint
-Water reuse with the K version of the AS80



The Trivec AS80 type A rinse paint wastewater system with a capacity of 80 litres is used for painters, paint shops and schools that need a slightly higher capacity.

Trivec wastewater systems are used to purify wastewater in an environmentally responsible manner and can be used for processing water-based paints, lacquers, adhesives, stains and inks.

These compact systems are equipped with a sink, splash-proof back and stainless-steel worktop. The water supply is provided by means of a connection to the water pipe.

if you need an installation with recycling of wastewater you can take a look at the AS80-K.

Watch this short video on how easy our rinse paint water system works: