Gratis bezorging van Spoelinstallaties in België en Nederland

If you often work with waterbased paint then cleaning your parts, equipment, tools and empty packaging is important. You must not allow waterbased paint to enter the sewer system. You can solve this problem by purchasing the AS 50 wastewater system. The advantages of a rinse water installation from Trivec:

-No more paint in the sewer
-No possible fines for an environmental crime
-No high costs for disposal of separated chemical waste because the water is separated from the paint
-Water reuse with the K version of the AS50

The Trivec AS50 type A flushing water installation with a capacity of 50 liters is often used for painters, paint shops and schools that need a smaller capacity. Schools like to use this compact type A version, with the reason that a type A installation discharges the purified rinse water directly to the sewer.

Trivec rinse water installations are used to purify rinse water in an environmentally responsible way and can be used for the processing of water based paints, lacquers, adhesives, stains and inks. These compact installations are equipped with a rinsing table, splash water back and stainless steel worktop. The water supply is provided by means of a connection to the water pipe. Watch a video of a rinse water installation below.

In this video you will see a demonstration of the AS80 version, but you will get a good impression how you can work with the AS50 installation.